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I AM A COMPANY OF ONE, A HOBBY BUILDER. From ripping various types of cedar planks and hard woods on my table saw to making my own poly bags and package inserts all work is done by me alone. Each lure is handled one at a time. For these reasons I do not have a large inventory. If you order a plug that is out of stock I will contact you and give you a time frame for a new build. All plugs are made from the finest materials and components that I can find. All are through drilled, dip sealed and dip primed then painted in time-tested colors. They are finally epoxy coated. I am not trying to "reinvent the wheel". Tweaking a plug is more my ambition to improve its ACTION, which to me is most important for a lure to be productive. My plugs have survived the test of time and I or fishing friends have caught fish on all styles that I build. The colors that I use are those that have consistently produced year after year AND I FISH OFTEN! If you were to ask what colors and combinations of colors do I think are the most productive I'd say WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE, BLACK, RED, and SILVER. For example: A match-the-hatch needle fish in "olive/silver scales/white belly with red chin" has been an outstanding producer as has every plug that I paint in "parrot". That being said, I never leave home without an array of staple colors. However I do make some specialty colors that have proven their worth. Examples would be Blurple (black/purple), squid color variations, copper, and multiple hues of green. I'll bet that many of you have heard about "Block Island Green", it's Kelly Green and I love it. I have caught fish on UNPAINTED "test" plugs. Like I said, it's the ACTION.
2 - 2.5 oz These plugs work like any metal lipped swimmer with a side to side wobble and roll that leaves a great wake on the surface. I put Pikie lips on some and Danny lips on others. Some folks prefer no roll in a swimmer, I disagree. Most often a dead or struggling baitfish will be on its side which is why I prefer the eye down action of a swimmer that has some roll. The trick to fishing these is to fish them SLOWLY. COLORS: Black, White, Yellow, Blue Marble(special order only), Black/Purple aka "Blurple" PLEASE SELECT WHEN ORDERING
3+OZ If you like to fish eels slowly in the trough along a beach or over shallow rock strewn points then this is your plug. You'll never have to worry about the availability of eels again. This "eel" swims with a smooth, snake-like motion on a slow retrieve. Because this plug has a Lefty Lip the line tie can be slightly bent upward to get more swimming depth. A great choice for dusk to sunrise fishing. This plug has gone through extensive R&D. Every now and then a plug comes along that is a real stand-out. This is one of those plugs. Weighting is key to a jointed plugs "castability". The Fishdoc "It's-N-Eel" casts quite well. Although I built this plug to be fished in rocky shallows, to date fish caught on this plug have all been caught in 6 - 8 feet of water over a sandy bottom...GO Figure?? Casting ALONG the beach within 30 feet of shore has been the best producer. The eyes on this plug have been improved to match that of a live eel ands its overall shape is more closely that of a natural eel. THIS PLUG IS IN VERY SHORT SUPPLY. COLORS: Solid Black, Black/Yellow/Almond, Black/silver/almond PLEASE SELECT WHEN ORDERING
These are the 3 TYPES of needle fish that I build STANDARD 7-7.5 (2 - 2.5 0Z), STUBBY 4.5 and MATCH-THE -HATCH 5 inches (1.5 0Z). Needles are probably the easiest plugs with which to fish and when fished correctly (SLOWLY)they are very productive. The larger needles are available in both sinking and floating models (PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING) Note: There is a slight difference in the shape of the heads, but it has no impact on productivity.. They both fish and catch the same way. COLORS: White, Black, Yellow, Copper, Parrot, "Blurple", Yellow/Silver/White. NOTE: Tan/Silver/White, Olive/Silver/White and green/yellow/white are only available on the thin 1.5 oz needles called "Match-The-Hatch". PLEASE SPECIFY TYPE AND COLORS WHEN ORDERING
6 1/4 INCHES (2oz & some 3oz) 43/4INCH 1.5oz Pencil poppers are my favorite surface plugs with which to fish. I have put much time and effort into having these plugs fish with an easy walk-the-dog and popping action. These are truly poppers. They all have cupped faces that pop and throw squirts of water as they splash and “walk” back to shore or boat. Many other pencils on the market today do not have these features. I refer to them as pencil “slappers” because that’s what they do, they slap the water on the retrieve (I also do build them. As you can see I paint this plug in numerous colors. It is difficult to pick a favorite because all have caught fish at various times under varying conditions. WHY? Your guess is as good as mine! I’ve yet to figure why parrot works so well. In past seasons parrot produced many fish when other colors were ignored. I also use silver glitter on some patterns usually yellow, and white. COLORS: White, Yellow, Squid, Pink/White, Blue/Silver/White, Yellow/Silver or Gold/White, Orange/Yellow, Parrot. PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE AND COLOR WHEN ORDERING
1.5 -2.0oz These are frequently used, productive surface lures and are a "staple" of all plug bags! I refer to these as "chuggers". They return directly to the fisher person and make large gurgling bubbles. COLORS: White/Blue Head, Blue/Silver/White, White, Yellow and Pink/White PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING!
Fishdoc Spooks
(1.5 oz) Spooks are unsurpassed for "walking the dog". I build a number of spooks because I love to fish them. Weighting is critical to this plug's action. Fortunately I was able to incorporate the weighting scheme into all of my spooks. Plug action is also impacted by the off-center angle of the through wire. COLORS: Blue/Silver/White, White, Yellow, Parrot, Pink/white, Red Head(HAS BEEN REPLACED BY WHITE/RED THROAT PLEASE SELECT WHEN ORDERING!
2 oz. & 1.25 oz. Spooks are one of the best plugs for "walking the dog". I have weighted both of these similar plugs to "walk" with very little user effort. These are the same spook and fish the same way but the Mini J Spook is an outstanding bonito/Albie lurs as well as a tested bass and bluefish plug. COLORS: Blue/Silver/white, White, Yellow, Parrot, RedHead/White(HAS BEEN REPLACED BY WHITE/RED THROAT), Pink/White NOTE: PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE AND COLOR WHEN ORDERING.
Casting Eggs
Use this casting egg when you're trying to get that small jig or fly to reach finicky fish. Attach a length of leader to the fat end of the egg and tie on your favorite light weight jig or fly. Hang the jig or fly on the stainless pin and cast away. When the egg lands it will roll over and drop the lure to the fish. Flies work best if weighted. Using heavy jigs will defeat the purpose of hanging them on the pin for casting.
Teaser Rigs
CAN YOU HANDLE 2 FISH AT A TIME??? I have used teaser rigs for many years (we used to call 'em droppers). The teaser itself frequently catches a large number of fish and quite often the rig will produce 2 fish at a time. This rig is made in such a way as to limit the amount of twist that so often occurs while fishing with a teaser. MY TEASER RIGS COME WITH QUICK CLIPS ON THE LURE END. The clip makes changing plugs fast and easy. The Quick clips make lure changing easy even in low light conditions. I use all types of teasers: curly tails, red fins, flies, small jigs, etc. NOTE: I have teaser rigs set up with WHITE CURLY TAILS,WHITE BUCK TAILS,BLUE/WHITE BUCK TAILS,PINK/WHITE BUCK TAILS AND BLACK BUCK TAILS. PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING.